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For $1, you probably thought that I bought a whole bunch of cheap-ass trash makeup from the dollar store but a) it’s not from the dollar store.. it’s from an ecommerce site.. that sells everything for a dollar… and b) there was only one trash item!



I purchased all these goods pictured above for less than $20 CAD!


Well…my total bill came out to be a little more than $20 since I did purchase duplicates of some items pictured above – like the wonder blender sponge and shoe bag but going off the items pictured, it was $17.92CAD (pre-tax and shipping) since each item only costed me $1.28 CAD.


What is Shop Miss A?

Shop Miss A is an online ecommerce site selling beauty products, jewelry, and accessories all for the cheap and very low price of $1USD ($1.28CAD). The masterminds behind this site is a husband and wife duo, Kenneth and Jean Baik who together have experiences and a background in fashion, retail and the import industry. Ever since its start in 2013, the duo have recognized a huge interest in the beauty category and thus launched their own line, AOA Studio in early 2016 to join the existing smaller brands they sourced.

But how can they manage to sell it for only $1 and not go bankrupt?

Shop Miss A relies on social media to get the word out about the website and amazing deals, without having to spend on marketing and advertising. By doing this, they’re able to keep mark-ups as low as possible and some of their products have zero mark-up on them so that they can provide the the consumer with better products! Whereas with traditional brands, since they pay millions in advertising and a quite a bit in rent, it’s only natural that they would have to mark up their products much higher than what it actually costs to produce, in order to make a profit.

But since it’s only a dollar, the products can’t be that great…right?

Well that’s not necessarily the case however, you also can’t be expecting a Natasha Denona quality and colour payoff, for only a buck. Shop Miss A after all was started as a fun space for people who love makeup and beauty to play and experiment them for a very affordable price. With that being said, there were items from my haul that definitely outshines others and worth purchasing over big brand name goods. Continue reading on to find out what’s good and what’s not!


My Haul 



Wonder Blender: $1.28CAD 

I would like to start off with this beauty! I have never actually purchased the original beauty blender because my little wallet will scream at me (and yet I am able to drop $100 on one meal for myself, priorities amirite? – looking at you, sushi omakases) so I can’t actually compare it to the OG. (if you want to see a comparison between the two, here’s a great video I found on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=312&v=NzpWohYYdpY)

I have however purchased many dupes ranging from Joe Fresh to Real Techniques and I have to say, this one is definitely on the top of my repurchasing list! Aside from the fact that it’s only $1.28cad, this sponge really does wonders with foundation and concealer application and is soft and bouncy when dampened! It does absorb some of my product during application however nothing too drastic to make me want to refrain from using it again.

Rating: 4/5






Tweezer: $1.28 CAD

This slant tweezer was another great find from Shop Miss A with it’s sturdy grip and precision grab! I’ve been using this pair of tweezer for about 3+ months now and it shows no sign of dulling unlike my QUO one that I purchased from Shopper’s (guess it’s time to toss out the Quo tweezer, approx. $10). The only downside (if you can even call it that) to this pair of tweezer is how sharp the tips are, you might want to make sure you have a good grip of your hair and not your skin!

Rating: 5/5







Wild Apple Lip Scrub: $1.28 CAD

Does it smell like apples? I guess. Does it taste like apples? No. This apple lip scrub works as it is supposed to – moisturizing the lips and removing any dry layers threatening to peel off, however by moisturizing, I actually meant that it leaves a waxy film layer on top of your lips and it’s really not that pleasant. Another problematic area with this scrub is the micro beads it has incorporated into it. Because the scrub is so waxy, when you attempt to wash it off the beads tend to stick around the lip area and requires extra attention to pick and get rid of.

Rating: 2/5






Brush Cleaning Egg: $1.28CAD

Hate cleaning your brushes because it takes up too much time? Well here’s the answer to that dilemma! This brush cleaning egg will help you clean those makeup brushes in a jiffy! Simply wet your brush, add a small amount of mild soap/shampoo and swirl that bad boy around the grooves, then rinse and squeeze out excess water before laying it flat to dry! I do find that I use less soap when washing my brushes alongside this tool and I like how this product allows for you to slip your fingers in to comfortably hold it in place while you’re swirling your brushes onto it and it’s ability to be an independent tool and stand upright while it dries.

Rating: 5/5






Scrubby Facial Cleansing Pad: $1.28CAD

Ahh… scrubby. I purchased this on a whim to actually use something other than my fingers to wash my face and I don’t quite know how to review it. On the website, it says, “This high quality facial cleansing pad is a flexible pad that gently massages the face using tiny nubs to exfoliate and clean pores! It helps reveal a brighter and more radiant complexion.”

Is it high quality and flexible? Yes. Does the tiny nubs exfoliate and clean my pores? I guess? Did it reveal a brighter and more radiant complexion? I don’t think so? Isn’t that something that would be the work of my cleanser + toner + moisturizer? Why does this scrubby get to take all the credit? I know people always say that using a scrub/brush together with your cleanser will do wonders to your face however although I’m not totally dismissing it, I have yet to notice that big of a difference.

Rating: 4/5






Kara False Lashes: $1.28 CAD each pair

I fell in love with these lashes because of how natural they look! The thin band is really great because it’s easier to apply onto my eye lids and it sits comfortably as opposed to a thicker band. The waterproof eyelash glue I purchased is a black coloured adhesive that comes in a pack of two for… you guessed it! $1.28! I like how it’s black and blends in with my eyeliner however I don’t like how it leaves behind some glue residue upon removal of the false lashes. Although this does stick relatively well, I still do prefer the DUO lash glue because my falsies feel more secured on my eyelids with that brand of lash glue on.

Rating: 4/5




starry eyeliner



Starry Waterproof Eyeliner: $1.28 CAD

Let me start off by saying I hated this. I only bought it because of the adorable bear (because I totally judge a book by its cover) and oh my lord. It did not apply on properly and was quite dry and flakey. After attempting to apply it once with no luck, I had a “you get what you paid for” moment and decided that I wasn’t going to waste anymore time on it.

Rating: 0/5






Canvas Shoe/Heel Bag: $1.28 CAD

I love these bags! I purchased 3 just for my heels and they fit a pair/bag with some room to spare. Since I have 0 room by my front door for “nicer shoes”, I keep my heels in a separate room and therefore do not want to a) get the cabinet its standing on dirty and b) have my heels dusty, and these are the (cute)bags to prevent those things from happening. It’s also great for travelling and going to the gym with 😉

Rating: 5/5






Amuse Highlight and Blush Duo: $1.28 CAD/each

These highlighters are the bomb.com. I initially hesitated on these duos because although it’s only a dollar, I still didn’t want to waste money on something that I would hate. After reading some reviews on the site, I decided to go for it and purchased 3 different blush/bronzer and highlight duos just because one review mentioned how one of the highlighters was comparable to Jeffree Star’s Frost 😀 . The reviews I read were mainly applauding the highlighters and not so much the blush/bronzer and I would definitely agree with them on that. The highlighters were shimmery, build-able and goes on smoothly whereas the blush/bronzer were chalky in comparison. (*see below for swatches)

I would totally recommend the highlighters on these duos and although you might feel like you’re wasting money on the blush/bronzer, it’s bloody cheap and you can buy 20 of these duos and it’ll still be cheaper than a highlighter from Sephora.















These highlighters tho


Rating: 4/5



Thanks for reading! Hopefully this will help you decide on some of your future purchases on Shop Miss A or maybe even save you some $$$ 😉




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