HUM Nutrition – Gut Instinct, Flatter Me, Daily Cleanse, and Raw Beauty

HUM, beauty starts from within. I stumbled upon this brand while I was reading an article on Refinery29 and it immediately piqued my interest. I’ve been thinking about taking supplements for a while now due to my insufficient nutrient and vitamin daily intake, and what better way to tackle it than by taking a pill filled with specific ingredients that target those needs? Scrolling through the HUM website, I’ve found that they sell on Sephora’s website (US only) and that there are many different supplements that you can take based on what you are trying to achieve. There are supplements for strong nail and hair, ones that help with removing toxins in your gut, and others to help with the body’s metabolism and skin.

The first step in figuring out what pills you should take is by filling out a quick 3-minute quiz and a personal registered nutritionist will suggest products to you (for free). To really incentivize the quiz, HUM offers $10 off your first order so you might not want to skip it! 😉 

Once you’re given your full nutritional report, it breaks down the product suggestions and why each product is recommended to you. For example, if you checked off that you wanted a flatter tummy/less bloating in your quiz, they’ll suggest, “Flatter Me”.

I was personally recommended the following: Gut Instinct, Flatter Me, and Daily Cleanse. Right as I was about to check out, I decided to throw in Raw Beauty in Mint Chocolate because Mint Chocolate sounds like a snack and with a promise to help boost energy, radiant skin, and metabolism, who can say no to that? 

After waiting approx. 2-3 weeks for the products to ship from US to Toronto, Canada, I was pleasantly surprised to find my package nicely wrapped in a beautifully designed white box with gold prints. Inside, there were the 3 bottle of pills and a couple of paper inserts:

  • a 30-day royal self-care challenge with acts like self-massage, take a day off, sleep in, and use the Borghese Face Mask that was included as a free sample
  • a folded envelope containing info cards on each supplement and how to use it 

Gut Instinct

Usage: I take 1 pill every morning on an empty stomach 
Experience: I’m almost down to my last pill and am not sure if it has really done much for my overall health and skin, to be honest. The downside to taking all 3 different supplements in conjunction with one another daily is that you don’t know what is really helping you and what’s not. The promise of helping the gut with digestion was the main selling point for me as I tend to eat a ton of crap (unhealthy processed food) and live to suffer my poor choices. I would say that overall, my stomach has been digesting my food better and I have been making more trips to the washroom -TMI I know. This pill was easy to take as I only need to take one right when I wake up.
Would I repurchase: Probably

Flatter Me

Usage: 2x pills a day – 1x before each meal
Experience: Taking this pill is harder to remember as I don’t usually carry the bottle around with me when I’m out and about. I usually take this at least once a day and have often forgotten the second pill due to negligence and the mentality of “out of sight, out of mind”. Aside from the challenges with remembering to take this pill, I have found that it was helped with my digestion and bloating a little (it’s no miracle worker if you’re going to be eating truckloads of unhealthy food, it won’t answer any of your prayers). Out of all 3 supplements, Flatter Me has benefited me the most with digestion and bloating however a flatter stomach has not yet been achieved due to no fault of the pill. Again as I have mentioned above, because I take 3 different supplements a day, it’s hard for me to narrow the positive effects to one supplement.   
Would I repurchase: Yes

Daily Cleanse 

Usage: 2x pills a day (anytime)
Experience: Remember how I said that taking Flatter Me was hard to remember? Remembering to take Daily Cleanse is worse. Because I take 1x Gut Instinct and 1x Flatter Me in the morning, I try to take Daily Cleanse at night so that I’m not shoving 4 pills down my throat first thing in the morning but with that being said, I tend to forget about it since I’m usually busier at night. After having not taken Daily Cleanse for 2-3 days (how?!) I finally took my 2 large pills (the Daily Cleanse pills are much larger than Gut Instinct and Flatter Me) and immediately felt bloated. After a few hours, I experienced a headache and could not think of anything that could have caused it other than the Daily Cleanse pills and have been taking these with caution ever since. I have heard of horror stories from people taking Skinny Bird (HUM’s weight loss supplement) however I did not expect to experience similar symptoms to Daily Cleanse and have only experienced those symptoms once more since then. 
Would I repurchase: Probably Not

Raw Beauty 

Usage: 1 scoop (I do tbsp) into 8 oz. of water before a gym session 
Experience: Oh how I wanted to love this. Mint Chocolate? A favourite of mine but a Mint Chocolate Chip Infusion? Does not taste as good as it sounds. I usually add this to my workout water bottle because I’ll drink anything when I’m running and am in need to rehydrate stat. Aside from that, I’ve pretty much neglected Raw Beauty in its entirety and have tried to get creative and mixed it with milk and chia seeds (please don’t do this, it’s a damn waste of your milk and chia seeds). I can’t say that I’ve seen any benefits so far from this “green superfood powder” however I’m a poor judge given the number of times I’ve actually taken it. 
Would I repurchase: Probably Not

Overall Experience

I’d have to say that overall, I don’t regret trying HUM nutrition (kinda regret the Raw Beauty though) and am glad to have found a supplement that I would continue to take – Flatter Me. The supplements were pretty affordable with the $10 off discount, 25% off 3 items+, and referral code (my referral code is: 187E5C if you want an additional $10 off on top of your $10 off welcome code and 25% discount savings), and shipping wasn’t too bad.

If you’d like to give HUM nutrition a try, don’t forget my referral code, 187E5C for extra savings $$$! Let me know if you’ve tried HUM nutrition and what your experiences have been with each supplement! 


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